Going to Kozuf Montain Resort 2009

Back in 2007 when they first announced new ski resort on mountain Kozuf in Macedonia we went there to check it out.


Currently, there is a 19 km long asphalted road from Gevgelia to the Konjsko village, a non completed road section of 1,5 km to the tourist settlement Smrdliva Voda and currently a new road is being built, with an overall length of 13 km, from Smrdliva Voda to the resort complex (the project is supported by the government).
The municipalities of Kavadarci and Gevgelija, extend to the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia and share a border with the Republic of Greece. Near Gevgelia is the road border crossing Bogorodica-Evzoni on the international highway E-75 and the railroad border crossing Gevgelia-Idomeni.

We got stuck on the way up!

This is what we were looking for!