Saab 900i 16V

I was searching for this car for 15 years, maybe even longer. The fact is, from the moment I’ve passed the driving test back in 1998 I have tried to find a Saab 900 classic. Over the years I have looked ( to buy ) 38 different ones. And there was always a trouble with something, either it was the body or the engine but something was always wrong.
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Backup Manual

Today, small and middle-size business (SMB) management putting a lot of effort to protect their business from various threats: intrusion prevention systems scan packets for potential damaging contents, security systems check for viruses in email or document content, firewalls block unsolicited connections and file servers store your sensitive data. To stop onslaught of threats to corporate and government networks, a host of software and appliances are being deployed daily. In general, these border police application are doing fairly decent job of stopping unauthorized intrusion at the door of your network as well as keeping your crucial data safe.
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