Saab 900i 16V

I was searching for this car for 15 years, maybe even longer. The fact is, from the moment I’ve passed the driving test back in 1998 I have tried to find a Saab 900 classic. Over the years I have looked ( to buy ) 38 different ones. And there was always a trouble with something, either it was the body or the engine but something was always wrong.

After came back from skiing in Italy 2008 I was determined to buy one of these no matter what and after three months of searching I saw an ad in local newspaper “Saab 900, 1984 along with the cell phone number”. It was 39th! When the guy opened the garage door I was stunt! That was it, I saw my car just waiting for me to put some fuel in the tank and hit the road. For the past 16 months we been everywhere in Europe together drove around 50000 km without any kind of problem.


Evolving from the Saab 99, the Saab 900 was introduced in 1978 as the new 1979 model. With a strong link to its predecessors, many of the same basic features from the 1946 models were still apparent on the vehicle. A model that spanned the entire 1980’s, the Saab 900 was produced for more than fifteen years. More than 900,000 units were produced during the lifetime of the Saab 900. Along with the unique innovations that Saab had developed over the year, the Saab 900 also featured front wheel drive, large wheels, and active and passive safety systems. The 900 had a deeply curved front windshield that immediately drew attention to the marque’s aircraft legacy. Exceptionally spacious, the hatchback cars were enjoyed for their aesthetics. Also highlighting Saab’s aircraft lineage, the 900 also showcased a curved dashboard that enabled easy access to all controls, and featured back-lit gauges. All controls and gauges were placed according to their frequency of use and/or importance as designated by Saab engineers. In 1987, to improve aerodynamics by 5%, all Saab 900’s (except the basic 900 model) were given a freshened look that included new front end, new bumpers on both the front and rear, which were slimmer, 33% lighter, and offered more protection than previous ones. The Saab 900 Turbo had available adjustable heating of the driver’s seat, and the 900 T8 now had oil-filled engine mounts similar to the ones in the 900 T16. A new inside center console and Servo assisted steering became standard on the Saab 900i.

This is the most amazing car I have ever driven and I would recommend this beautiful car to all good people who still need the spirit of “old times”.


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