The first week in USA

Well, I just realized it has been one week since I came over seas. You might ask yourself what do I think about this place so far?

It all started in front of my house in Belgrade in the midnight of Dec 3rd when I received a call from the minibus driver asking where the hell is the street I gave them to pick me up. Few minutes later I am leaving my sad parents standing on our house door step waving and hitting the road to Budapest…

After two hours of pleasant driving I found myself freezing on the Hungarian border waiting for a blonde girl to clear her customs so we can go on. Unfortunately she didn’t make it and we had to leave her behind on the border and I fell asleep…The next thing I remember is diver screaming my name from the front seat. We are at the Budapest airport, Igor, terminal 2 A, he says! And yes after almost 5 hours of driving, freezing and sleeping I am standing in the line and checking my ticket in for the trip to Frankfurt where I will catch a flight to Dallas!

I have to say the flight to Frankfurt was great! It takes almost two hours and if you have a nice seat right next to the window, like I had, you will be amazed to see the Alps from the air! It is so beautiful!

If you have ever flew through Frankfurt airport you will understand what is the meaning of the word “airport”. That facility is huge, incredible and as I learned after its very common for the airport to has its own railway system or monorail. After one hour of walking and riding on this monorail I am finally on gate C14 waiting to clear custom again, German custom officer is checking up on my Shengen and USA visa and I am good to go.

In few words Airbus A 340 is an amazing peace of engineering. It is very sophisticated airplane, big and strong with a build-in and on-demand media and navigation center accessible on the seat backrest touch screen in front of you. Really a cool thing if you consider that your flight is going to take at least 11 hours.

There is a few things I have to say here. First this is the first time in my life I am seeing the ocean. Our planet is really amazing and big and all that water below looks scary but you are able to see the waves and places such as Greenland for example. Of course if you have a seat right next to the window like I did. The second thing is related to geography of Canada. It is incredible and probably volcanic by origin. There is no one living there and it looks cold. I am talking about the vast area eastern of James Bay and little bit south of it. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture to show. And the third, if you are heading on such a long flight make sure you have a normal civilized person sitting in front and beside you!

Thrust me you will know when you reach US! It looks completely different form the air than Canada and again very similar to Germany. Roads and fields are made in regular shapes and it might be weird to get yourself used to the fact that you are actually flying over 10 km above the sea level. I jumped ones form the airplane and it was about 3500 meters above the sea level and I still had trouble to keep my mind adjusted to the fact this is 3 times higher than that! Really weird!

After 11 hours of flying we had landed to Dallas Fort Worth international airport which is even bigger than the other one in Frankfurt but the feeling will disappear when you finally clear US custom when you will see that everything here quite is bigger then in Europe. After slide door of the custom area were being opened I finally saw familiar face of my gorgeous Texas girl who was waiting for me. I was introduced to traditional US hospitality which I appreciated so much and after few hours of resting I had my first cheeseburger in USA, quite an experience I have to say. Delicious!

The very next day I met Heather and Tim and we got ourselves pretty damn wasted! Oh my God! I woke up with a terrible headache!

Oh my oh my I was introduced again to a Sonic Drive-In. People, they have the best hot dog I have ever tried in my life it is coming with some spicy sauce and it taste great! I met Connor, read it like Tim junior and a little dog named Scout so for the next couple of days we stayed in Wilson’s family house. I love those people and I have to say a big THANKS for your hospitality!

On the other hand, you fellows who might read this blog at some point and have never been in US you need to understand a few things about it. Like I sad everything is big here and the term big applies to cars, roads, burgers, soda and coffee consumptions, asses, what amount of fuel you can get for a single dollar, distances, smile of the waiters and people in general, houses, meal portions and so on. The very next thing is the fact that almost no one is walking here, which means if you want to walk, well buddy you’ll have to have a good reason to do so and when I say reason it cannot be like I am going to the market or grocery shop you might be a weirdo! The valid reason is exercise or you have to give a walk to your dog! Most of Americans will not walk to their neighbor’s house which might be located in less than 200 meters away!

While we were in Frisco I was lucky to have Tim around me so he was the guy who showed me what the gym is all about. This is for my friend Cele who probably know what I am trying to say here. We went to a gym for a one hour exercise . Usually I was running every single day on 1 mile run track nearby the place where we stayed in Frisco. Anyway, this facility they call gym is actually a sport center where you can find everything from basketball to sauna, from pool to gymnastic area. And of course, there was a rowing simulator (ergo-meter) Concept 2. Great place!

One day we went to the Ice land which was actually a place dedicated to a world famous Grinch cartoon character.

This is the night when I became a cowboy and I mean for real. Check up the pictures 🙂

Now, what can I say we are heading to NYC and on the way we are visiting places we found interesting to visit such as Hot Sprigs for example and of course Memphis. Actually we just got back from Memphis night life which was pretty damn interesting I had my first greasy spoon dinner experience and a greasy burger famous since 1912. Good stuff. The sad thing is the fact we forgot our camera and have no pictures to show here. But I will just say I saw my elder son playing “djembe” in some bar in Beale street if and when 🙂 he would be black and 75 years old but still in a pretty good shape!

Update soon…


2 Replies to “The first week in USA”

  1. Ahahahaha 😉 there’s a couple of pics that literally made me cry ;))

    Just keep rollin’ & tumblin’, and postin’ whenever you can, Jack!

    Daddy, I’m so fuc*in’ proud ;))

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