Second week in USA

Let me see from where should I continue my story…

Oh yes, Nashville! Well, Nashville is the capital of the U.S. state of Tennessee and the county seat of Davidson County. In my case this city reminds me on Belgrade, God knows why! Actually I know why it has a beautiful Cumberland river which pass through the city center and it is placed on hilly area.  This is the very first city in USA where we visited the city capitol. Nashville is so alike to Memphis when it comes to night life or maybe its just the way how it was designed long time ago I am not so sure! Anyway, there is also one street in Nashville where all the night life will took place 🙂 This is also the place where you can find a real traditional US BBQ! It’s so different than anything I tried before (smoked and roasted but separately). We had ribs, sausages and brisket! Great stuff! At the corner of Broadway and 3rd street there is a nice bar and they play live music. I will try to upload recording I made that night so you can feel the energy flowing among these people. At the riverside there is an old cottage museum with standard setting presenting old way of life style, furniture and objects from 17th century (pictures below).

At some point we decided to spend few days in small Appalachian mountain town as we discovered on the map. However, that little town Pigeon Forge is glowing in there like small Las Vegas. A lot of motels, hotels, fast-food restaurants and circus based attraction is not exactly place where we wanted to spent few days. All those modern world attraction definitely will keep you away from nature and that is not what we were in the mood for. So, we continued on south following road 441 and after few miles there is a village Ober Gatlinburg. Small peaceful town surrounded by hills and forest this is place similar to Josanicka banja in Serbia. There is a biggest ski cabin in USA actually the longest which can take you at the ski center uphill for 12 dollars. It wasn’t really snowing there so we haven’t ski but it was a nice time to take rest and enjoy fresh air, creek that passes by the cabin we rented and food! Amazing place for a guy like me who is always in the mood to sleep 🙂 I got myself really drunk one night there. It was so bad! I am quite famous as a guy who is not able to handle buzz like a normal person do. So, after couple classes of beer and a few shots I was out of order! There were two guys from Alabama in the bar that night and a couple from North Carolina we went out to buy cigarettes and we got ourselves in another bar across the street and man that was it. I can’t remember anything after that. The very next thing I remember is me hugging the toilette for an hour and having trouble with “rotating” ceiling. The next morning I woke up with a terrible headache, my mouth was dry and I had complete amnesia…Terrible!

You will find few pictures below in order to show everyone who might check up on this blog to see how I am doing here what is the story with American National parks. It is incredible, so clean and neat. The trails are amazing and the tree (on the picture below) was made as a bridge across the creek is actually covered with few inches of tarmac and it has a holder as well along with a cable to make you safe as much as possible! Americans are really amazing when it comes for safety and protection, probably because of all those insurance policies and everything comes with it or maybe it is something we simply can’t understand! We are living in society where life has a really low price that’s for sure!

One morning we woke up and decided to move on with our trip! It was raining and the weather forecast was not really promising. It was one of those moments when the guys on weather channel truly believe it is their five minutes! They were repeating all the time: “The snow blizzard is coming from south and it is pretty bad!” I was determined to go on despite their warning and I guess my girl wasn’t so sure it is a good idea… However we left this place and as soon as we crossed the border of Virginia the rain turns to a snow. Just like that! In the beginning it wasn’t so bad just a snow shower. For the past few years I was going for snowboarding weekends with Chakal very often and I got used to that kind of weather. There is a few rules you have to obey like keep your fuel tank full as much as possible, your vipers has to work and keep yourself warm (this really wasn’t the case with Spartacus) but anyway we stopped to gas station and filled our gas tank up. Chevrolet S10 has a really good heating system and after maybe 30 miles we stopped again in order to replace vipers and we were ready for this snow blizzard! After maybe 50 miles the road was covered with 5 to 10 inches of snow and these drivers here simply don’t know how to handle this weather conditions. Just before exit to Roanoke we got stuck in line long few miles. We were moving really slowly for the next 2 hours and we made not more than 2 miles. After we passed few stuck trucks at the uphill and whole bunch of stacked vehicles we were able to drive again but after not more than 10 miles we were stacked again this time really bad. We heard on the radio the line was 15 miles long and there was nothing we could do about it. After few hours of waiting for something to happen we fell asleep with engine running covered with 4 dollar blanket and after 10 hours of weird dreams about Osteoporosis (don’t ask! there was a guy on radio who was talking about it for hours while we were sleeping), Texas, yellow rivers and strange places in Serbia we heard a strange sound right next to us! “Ratrak” was pulling out a vehicle on the right line and we were ready to go again! It was really fun. If you know what you are doing, driving a car which has rear wheel power and snow on the highway you can have a good time like I had. My Texas girl wasn’t really happy but after few successful recoveries I had on the way she realized I know what I am doing here and we were enjoying ourselves driving 45 to 55 mph…We literally passed all of them 🙂

After couple of hours of fun we reached Harrisonburg where we founded a nice warn motel room. The story will continue as we moving along to Washington DC and New York City…


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