Niagara falls

Well grandma I was there too 🙂

Big spicy meatball

From Washington DC to New York you can make it in many different ways. Most of the people told me before to take a train. However, we were driving all the way from Texas and just before we were finally there we parked our car in well protected and cheap place in Newark just across from the Path train station. From Newark to ex-World Trade Center (WTC Station) you can make it in less than 20 minutes. If this is the first time you visiting New York you will be amazed just as I was by the size of surrounding buildings. The cool thing about New York is subway! It is so complex and well organized. The crucial thing it runs 24/7 so can be in Queens, Bronx or Brooklyn anytime you want, day or night. I tried to compare this city with all Balkan countries and I still think New York City is just a little bit bigger. If you follow the same analogy the railway system should be the same way? Well, it is! I had impression that subway, Path and local railway system is much more complex than the complete railway system of all Balkan countries including Athens subway. It is amazing! It can take millions of people during the day and night and take them as fast as it possible without any glitch. Simply impressive! Some of the bridges and tunnels are older than 100 years…
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