Big spicy meatball

From Washington DC to New York you can make it in many different ways. Most of the people told me before to take a train. However, we were driving all the way from Texas and just before we were finally there we parked our car in well protected and cheap place in Newark just across from the Path train station. From Newark to ex-World Trade Center (WTC Station) you can make it in less than 20 minutes. If this is the first time you visiting New York you will be amazed just as I was by the size of surrounding buildings. The cool thing about New York is subway! It is so complex and well organized. The crucial thing it runs 24/7 so can be in Queens, Bronx or Brooklyn anytime you want, day or night. I tried to compare this city with all Balkan countries and I still think New York City is just a little bit bigger. If you follow the same analogy the railway system should be the same way? Well, it is! I had impression that subway, Path and local railway system is much more complex than the complete railway system of all Balkan countries including Athens subway. It is amazing! It can take millions of people during the day and night and take them as fast as it possible without any glitch. Simply impressive! Some of the bridges and tunnels are older than 100 years…

All that technology and buildings are one but people and how they are living is completely different story! New York is quite amazing mix of so many nations, religions, and cultures. This place is full of unbelievable contrasts. All those people live here mixed in very weird way. For example, you can see people making their money at flee market and in the same time at the very same corner you may noticed a brand new black and shiny Mercedes along with driver opening backseat door for his boss who is all dressed up in couple thousand dollar suit leave his office and enter into a car.

We stayed in East Village, 13th street in small flat on the second floor. The building was quite old, one of those labor worker buildings from the beginning of 19th century. It was made of wood and you can literally hear every single step of people walking down or up the stairs. The landlord remind me on our friend Papa (most of you guys knows who’s the man), bright and interesting man who was working in local medical institution as “medical brother or nurse” is the term is right! East Village and New York as well, of course is the place full of amazing restaurants from all around the world. You can had anything you can imagine to eat from Indian to Ethiopian cuisine you can have” cevapi” if you really want! Maybe it will sound funny but I had Thai food for breakfast for the first time in my life and it was great! We were walking all the time trying to see and feel as much as possible in such a short time. We were there for just seven days! I want more of New York !

I don’t want to write about the famous buildings or places you may read on internet or hear from someone who was there before. I want to share with you just a little bit of that positive energy that flows through that place. So here it is! One day we took a long walk from East Village to Central Park and continued to Museum of Natural History which is at west way out form the middle of Central Park. The museum was so crowded and we desperately needed a drink so we tried to walk little bit more toward upper town and at some point we saw a simple American bar in basement. As soon as we step in we discovered two guys sitting on bar with their elbows in world famous position (American bars has a groove at the very edge of the bar-table so you can make your elbow stable while you getting yourself wasted) and they were already pretty much wasted. Bar has been run by Porto Rican guy in his late 50’s who has lions tattoo on his shoulders (on both of them). We had my second favorite Sam Adams beer and after few minutes the Porto Rican guy, Charlie, start telling us his detailed life story which was quite impressive. We were chatting for let’s say 30 minutes when Charlie decided to make us few shots to keep our bodies warm, happy but mostly because, like he sad, the fact he like me for God knows what reason!? Probably because of the fact we had similar relationships with our grandfathers! So, he made Charlies Angels for us and he was right! It kept us warm and happy for the rest of the day after we had just two shots. Why I wrote this? I wrote it because that’s New York! That is the city which never sleep, place where people are friendly and helpful, place where so many people trying to make something spectacular with their lives and where is hard to do so, place where I want to live at least couple of months in my life that is one big spicy meatball.


One of picture above is Columbia University Rowing Club discovered by accident. It was already dark but I had to make photo for my friend Cele who pinpoint a crucial place near Washington square for me! Thanks!


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