The first gay caveman found?

I read few days ago that five thousand year old skeleton of a man has been recently discovered in the Czech Republic. The skeleton was oriented to the east and surrounded by jars – rituals which previously observed only in female graves. The skeleton of the late Stone Age man found during excavations in the Czech Republic is dated to the period between the 2900 BC and 2500 BC.

Five thousand years after his death, the first known gay cave man again came to light and according to archeologists, the way he buried his points to a different sexual orientation.

During this period, men are traditionally buried in position on the right side with head turned to the west. Women are placed on the left side, facing the east. In this case, a man lying on the left side, head turned to the west. Another fact is that the men are usually buried with weapons like hammers and knives, as well as meals and drinks that they can get in the way of the “other side”.Women were buried with necklaces made of teeth and copper earrings, with ceramic pots and jars placed under the legs.

“With the history and ethnology, we know that the people of this period understood the funeral ceremonies very seriously, so it’s almost impossible that such a position of product defects,” said lead researcher, Camilla Remislova Vesinova. “It is more likely to conclude that he is the man of different sexual orientation, gay or transgender.”

Right next to the feet of the skeleton found was the court egg-shaped container, usually associated with women’s graves. Another member of the archaeological team, Catherine Semrad said that there is a case in the past, when her colleagues found a skeleton of a woman warrior from the Mesolithic period, buried like a man. She added that the Siberian shamans and sorcerers, is also buried in this way, but with a richer equipment in accordance with their high position in the community.

This later finding is not one of those cases. We believe that the discovery of the Czech Republic among the earliest examples of what can be described as a transvestite or the grave of the third sex.


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