Mafia at Cleveland’s Hotel Statler

“On Dec. 5th, 1928, Joe Porrello and his lieutenant and bodyguard Sam Tilocco hosted the first known major meeting of the Mafia at Cleveland’s Hotel Statler. Many major Mafia leaders from Chicago to New York to Florida were invited. The meeting was raided before it actually began. Joe Profaci, leader of a Brooklyn, N.Y. Mafia family was the most well-known of the gangsters arrested. He was the founder of the Colombo Mafia family. Vincent Mangano also ranked high as founder of the Gambino family most recently headed by the “Dapper Don” John Gotti. Within a few hours, to the astonishment of police and court officials, Joe Porrello gathered thirty family members and friends who put up their houses as collateral for the gangsters’ bonds. Profaci was bailed out personally by Porrello. A great controversy over the validity of the bonds followed. ” –

Mafia at Hotel Statler in Cleveland
Joe Porello and Sam Tilloco hosted mafia meeting at Hotel Statler in Cleveland-1928



2 Replies to “Mafia at Cleveland’s Hotel Statler”

  1. Zdravo Igore

    Radim kao freelance graficki dizajner a moja firma se zove Interesuje me da li smijem koristi ovu sliku gore kao background na mojoj novoj stranici i naravno ako imas u vecem formatu. 1920 x 1024. Mogucnost kupovine slika je opcija ?

    Puno pozdrava adnan

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