My Second Saab

The second-generation Saab 900 or NG900 (Next Generation) was built on General Motors Opel Vectra platform as a replacement for the “classic” first-generation Saab 900. It was produced from the 1994 through 1999 model years. Variants included S (4-cylinder, non-turbo) and SE (4-cylinder turbo or V6) models in three-door, five-door and convertible body styles. Depending on market, the NG900 was available with a choice of 2.0 L or 2.3 L Saab 16-valve DOHC engines (Saab engine codes B204, B234) in naturally aspirated or turbocharged form (2.0 L only), as well as a 2.5 L version. Engine management for the turbos was by Saab Trionic 5 with Direct Ignition and Automatic Performance Control, and for non-turbos by Bosch Motronic fuel injection. A distributor-operated ignition system was provided for naturally aspirated engines in some markets. In contrast to the ‘classic’ Saab 900 with its longitudinally mounted engine and front-hinged hood, the NG900 had a more-common transversely mounted engine with rear-hinged hood. However, this model is not doing corners well as the the classic but the drive is still smooth. (Saab like 🙂 )

Mine is 900 SE 2.0 Automatic (1998). I sad to myself when got this one just one more to go (Saab 9-3) and then I am done with this make. Hope this one will be as perfect as the previous one


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