My Personal Hero: Lars Larson Geilane

The Fir

The First Norwegian Immigrants Landed in Holley, NY in 1825


Sailing the Great Lakes

Sailing the Great Lakes – Sturgeon Bay, WI to Cleveland, OH

It is time for my new post. I delayed writing for reasons known to me only? One thing is great though, the boat is looking good and necessary preps are almost done. As I write this post we still have few more details to look into and we should be ready for another part of our journey – Sailing the Lake Erie and Navigating the Erie Canal. sailing the great lakes mapBefore we do that let me take you back little over a month ago back in days when we were getting ready to departure from Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin towards Cleveland, Ohio. The first leg for our new little boat.

The Great lakes

Have you ever sailed the Great Lakes?
It is the unique experience! It really is! It can be hard, almost painful. Fascinating, difficult and dangerous. Severe storms, heavy waves-sometimes 20ft high, shallow water and ship traffic? All mentioned above does not sound tricky, not even to a moderate sailor? Right?

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