Bicycle Route Cleveland, OH – Highland, NY

Igor Sestanj bike route cleveland-newyork 2012
Bicycle Route Lake Erie – Erie Canal – Hudson River | July/Aug 2012 | 547 miles ( 881 km )

This is the map of my biking route along the shore of Lake Erie, on Erie Canal Trail and Hudson River Trail.


3 Replies to “Bicycle Route Cleveland, OH – Highland, NY”

  1. From: Sailing on Lake Erie – Cleveland,OH to Tonawanda,NY

    “… Most of the rowers would probably agree that one of the best practice for endurance is biking. Lots and lots of biking. Back in Serbia a friend of mine Svetozar and me used to bike quite often. In time biking became one of my favorite activities so I decided to do what I always wanted to do. Go for a long trip on a bike. Sailing from Cleveland to NYC made me think that this might be a perfect opportunity. So I will bike along the shore every day for up to 50 km or 30 miles to get the car and drive the way back. This was the first stage on my almost a 1000 km/600 miles long bike trip…”

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