2013 Tesla Model S vs 1956 Citroën DS-19

I love this video. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for it! However, my vote goes to Tesla since I believe the point to this video was not to be nostalgic rather that realistic?

I mean, c’mon, how hard was to implement all those ‘revolutionary’ ideas in post-war France? I say, not so much. They’ve just designed a beautiful car which had all those features. Disk brakes, for example, first time in use in late 1800’s and by the time of DS, Chrysler had them as a standard equipment in their Crown Imperial model. Power steering was well in use even before the WW2. In time when DS came out GM and Chrysler, both had them as a standard feature in several different models. I agree, the application of the hydraulic system to the car’s suspension system to provide a self-leveling system was an innovative move!

On the other side we have Model S, a state of the art car! According to 21st century standards this ‘zero-emissions’ car is noiseless, fast, packed with electronic gadgets, electric ( with decent radius ), etc. I saw this car the other day, parked here in Fort Myers, Florida. Somehow, it looks different than other cars.

All I am saying it is much harder to be innovative in time when the entire world’s knowledge is fingertips away than it was nearly 60 years ago especially when it comes for such an old idea, as a car most definitely is. Many years ago, my dad had a Citroen DS and as long as I remember it was a joy to him to drive that thing! I’ve never driven Tesla Model S though, but it is high on my list.

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