Three years of Sun in three minutes

This video shows NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory coverage of the Sun over the period of three years. Obviously we came a long way from the times we thought Earth is the center of the Universe.

Music: A Lady’s Errand of Love

Balkan mafia exposed! ( share it ! )

Facts: Yugoslavian wars took more than 140,000 lives and displaced roughly 4,000,000 people. Fighting ended in 1999 after NATO strikes against Serbia. In 2000 the first democratic priminister Zoran Djindjic was elected. He was assassinated in 2003. During almost a decade of wars it was estimated that more than 100 billion dollars were stolen and never recovered. As a minister in Djindjic’s government Mladjan Dinkic lead an investigation related to these funds and failed. Milosevic, Tudjman and Izetbegovic are now dead. Djindjic was killed and Dinkic is a current minister in Serbian government.

Source: Wikipedia