Europa Report

Yesterday I attendant a theatrical premiere in USA of “Europa Report”, a science fiction movie that does not resemble any other. The movie has a adequately interesting story, arguable realistic concept of space craft, crew and scenery of this mysterious and beautiful Jovian moon.

Although not perfect and with several cardinal errors related to space exploration procedures and techniques still far away from the latest Hollywood wanna be science fiction make more money projects where Captain Kirk chase Sherlock Holmes across the Universe or when Prince of Persia goes back in time to prevent a terrorist attack? I mean, c’mon. Back in good days of science fiction it was fun, stories had mind bending ideas, we were exploring the universe. It is sad that after many years movies like Space Odysseys, Original Star Trek, Alien or even Star Wars are for present day movie makers still an unachievable goal. These days it is important to sell, it is important for audience to see Bruce sacrifice himself for his future son in law or for blue people to say no to big corporation that exploit an imaginary world of Pandora. And all for the big bucks. Europa Report is different. This is low budget movie which for 90 minutes will take you back to the good old days of real SF. The one that makes your mind racing about possibilities of future, exploration and mysteries. In this story nobody will walk away with the girl into the sunset, there is no impending destruction of any kind and there is no long motivation speech with heroic airplanes flyby. It is a great movie though! It might, just might rank high on my personal list…


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