PSO J318.5-22 the lonesome world

PSO J318.5-22

Although objects like PSO J318.5-22 have been reported before. This gas giant is the first one to be officially confirmed as a planet. Many similar objects astronomers spotted before ended up as dim red-dwarf stars. However, this one, 80 light years from Earth has all the characteristics of “young” planet.

This lonely world, six time more massive than Jupiter was identified by Pan-STARRS 1, a survey telescope located on the Hawaiian island of Maui.  Astronomers and other cosmology scientists are still speculating on how this planet ended up as free-floater. Some says that gravitational perturbation may have kicked this planet from its parent solar system other that it may have been formed some other way. Similar gas giants like PSO J318.5-22 are very hard to study since they are usually located close to their parent star, this one, however floats alone and therefore soon we might have more information about this mysterious world.

Image created by: Igor Sestanj


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