Free Data Recovery Quote (USA) is Public Beta!

Free Data Recovery Quote

I have been working on Advanced Data RECovery Analytics or ADRECA for a while now. During the early stage of development, with the help of Mr. Dejan Jankovic, a software developer, we completed the ‘request stage’ in early spring 2012.

This past year went by fast. It was an adventure and I spent a considerable amount of time working on the quotation algorithm of what today has become the Free Data Recovery Quote. The goal was to find a way to provide an accurate estimate for recovery of data without first shipping the drive.

Free Data Recovery Quote is now available in English in the USA as public beta. I am eager to talk about it!

What is it all about?

Project ADRECA is a continuation of my long term involvement with the data recovery industry. Like many other data recovery business owners I had spent years analyzing the processes for data recovery looking for ways to improve. I begin considering effects of different markets (countries), companies, number of cases received, quoted, recovered, verified, shipped to the consumer or discarded.

For example our research found that the time needed to complete a case was much less when data recovery provider uses web tools to enable tracking of current status and enable the consumer’s ability to communicate directly to a technician with knowledge of the case. People work better when interact to each other. This was not a surprise!

However, regardless of geographical region, the average time needed to complete diagnostics was found to be the same, taking less than 24 hours in most cases. This was a surprise!

Another surprise was that the quote approval process could take several months in some cases. The reason is clear, data recovery costs money. The technology involved is very expensive starting with the Google Adwords.

Advances in data recovery technology continue to improve capabilities. While the number of companies performing this specialized service grows, prices decrease and competition becomes stronger than ever.

This is good, right?

If one is looking at it from its cost perspective it seems great! Data recovery these days appears cheaper than ever! However, those chasing the cheap fix will be the same ones who pay out money and get nothing in return. Statistics show the first attempt is your greatest chance for success. With every additional attempt, chances for success are reduced. This is not the right industry for price shopping!

Back to consumer

The consumer experience with data recovery providers has seen little or no improvement during all this time. Basically the only real improvement has been 24/7 support, although expensive and online support for status updates is standard industry practice today. But that’s it! Dedicated technicians, lab cameras and “state-of-the art equipment” are often just empty phrases. From the consumers point of view the data recovery process belongs in rip-off reports.

We are trying to change this with project ADRECA and Free Data Recovery Quote. Our goal is to improve consumer experience. Research has shown if an estimate is given before the drive is delivered to the provider’s lab the entire process is sped up significantly. Based on data collected from tens of thousands of previous cases we developed a web service that generates estimates accurately.

The estimate is based on user provided information and it is currently adjusted to USA market.

I’d like to invite all interested parties, including providers from USA and other English speaking countries around the world, to participate! To test our new service, all we need from you is a valid email address, used to create a request and to view the actual quote. You can cancel your email address at any time.

Deep Thought

When we conceived Adreca the idea was to make an independent computer program which would be able to perform these types of calculations. Our logo, Adreca was inspired by Douglas Adams’ “Deep Thought” from his novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The final vector was created by Mr. Darko Pivas, an artist from Belgrade, Serbia. We look forward to Adreca providing a more reasonable answer than simply “42”?

Free Data Recovery Quote for USA

We are following the road-map we created. This version, 1.16 is simple and clear. Service is fast and easy to use. In version 1.30 and with help of my sister we plan to release it in Serbian language (In Cyrillic). Involving more people will make our service even more accurate. The current version contains an introduction video which made by Mr. Vanja Srdic, an LA based filmmaker.

This is the first in a series of planned videos and web projects to make this service easier and more convenient to use. Model this on your own device, configuration, pc or other equipment, let’s make an estimate? If you have an old drive full of family pictures that has been sitting unreadable for years and you consider hopeless, go to and sign up.

Perhaps you’re considering the use of a cloud backup service. Now, you can use our web tool to compare cost in the event of recovery vs. monthly fees that will be paid to the cloud service. For computer administrators, this is a great tool to justify funding for a reliable backup system which is often a challenge in the BYOD world. Disaster recovery analysts and business continuity planners will find this web service helpful when forming a disaster plan.

Bookmark this page. You might need it someday. Happy computing!


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