The first man-made tracks on the Moon in nearly 40 years


China’s first moon rover left the first wheeled tracks on the moon’s surface in nearly 40 years. Two weeks after its launch from southwest China, the Chang’e 3 lunar probe, named after a moon goddess, made a careful descent that was reported live on state television. This is a great day for the mankind as China is now the third country to successfully sent an operable probe to the Earth only natural satellite. China’s solar-powered lunar rover named Jade Rabbit, rolled down a ramp and set off on a three-month mission to hunt for natural resources and conduct geological surveys. Yes you read it correct, resources!

This, so far successful mission, marks the next step in a Chinese space program that aims to send an astronaut to the moon and open a permanent space station around 2020. China is still not allowed to participate in the International Space Station project which prompted their own ambicious space program. As happened many times in the human history science and technology are again far ahead of politics.
Today, most of the stuff we are using on daily basis comes from China, the levels of air pollution in this country are off the charts and Fukushima leaks badly. We are making the only habitable planet we know about contaminated forever. In the same time ignorant politicians and big business are getting ready to conqueor Africa for good. This part of human history is likely to be noted in the future as another dark age. Why is so hard to accept we all came from the same star dust? Our home is this beautiful universe and yet Earth’s resources currently belongs to the big money? Well, we might see China exporting Helium 3 or some other useful resource from the Moon and import it to the Earth in the near future. There are four things which will change humanity forever: free food and water, education, healthcare and resources available to everyone.

All the humanity will ever need is around us and yet we are still killing each other over basic comodities such as crude oil? Forbidding others to participate in science projects. How sad is that? Space exploration is the only way out of this horrible circle we are living in.

Good job for China’s science and technology. Another great day in the Universe!


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