Hero of a Modern Digital Age

Stuart Parkin is an experimental physicist whos research is closely related to the work of Fert and Grunberg, they identified giant magnetoresistance (GMR).
Parkin’s major achievement was the application of this phenomenon to create extremely sensitive devices that can detect tiny magnetic fields which enabled dramatic increase in magnetic hard disk drive data density. His work led to a remarkable increase in the computer storage capacity and made possible for all of us to enjoy having large hard disk drives, Google, Facebook or Cloud Computing. Mr. Parkin, born in United Kindom has won the 2014 Millennium technology prize for a breakthrough in magnetic disk drive storage capacity. Millennium technology prize is one of the world’s largest technology prizes awarded once every two years by Technology Academy Finland. This independent fund is established by Finnish industry and the Finnish state in partnership. The prize is presented by the President of Finland. It is awarded in recognition of technological innovations that contribute to the improved quality of human life and encourage sustainable development. To read more follow this link.

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