The Penultimate Rowing Club

Have you ever been to Florence in Italy? It is one of the most iconic cities in Europe and probably in the rest of the world. The first capital of the Kindom of Italy dates from the 19th century. It’s glory is derived through the most prominent family of all time, the Medici’s. The Medici are long gone but the city itself has stood the test of time and it is here that I have found one of the most ideal located rowing clubs.

The Società Canottieri Firenze was founded in 1886. On May 12, 1887, the city celebrated the inauguration of the facade of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. Among the many city events that day was a rowing race on the Arno River.

Today the Società Canottieri, re-established in 1911, is located next to the magnificent Uffizi Palace and simply reached via a ramp at the embankment.

This was my first visit to Florence and for a person involved in rowing for so long the site of the sport presented here was awe inspiring. All I could think was I must get to my inflatable kayak stored in the trunk of my car. Maybe tomorrow and maybe just maybe I could catch a glimpse of the experience these guys have every single day.

The Penultimate Rowing Club 1

Me In Front Of The Penultimate Rowing Club

 The Penultimate Rowing Club 2

The Penultimate Rowing Club 3