A Black Hole Sucks In The Big Bang Theory

Remember the Big Bang theory? The most famous cosmological model for the development of the universe, based on the idea of an expanding universe?

According to the Big Bang theory, the universe was hotter and more dense in the past. 13.8 billion years ago all matter in the universe was contained in a single point, considered the beginning of the universe. If one checks the limitations of such theory this singularity signifies the first. The second asks the famous question, how was it possible for the universe to cool down to an almost uniform temperature in a little less than 14 billion years? Some cosmologist have stated that universe must have been expanding faster than the speed of light for this to occur!? Others point out travelling faster than the speed of light is impossible. For those willing to look into the problems and limitations of the big bang theory I suggest starting with the wikipedia page.

History of the Universe
Source: Wikipedia – History of the Universe

However, few weeks ago I stumbled upon this paper, “4D Gravity on a Brane in 5D Minkowski Space” in which Gia Dvali, Massimo Porrati and Gregory Gabadadze suggested a mechanism by which four-dimensional Newtonian gravity emerges on a 3-brane in 5D Minkowski space with an infinite size extra dimension. In order to explain this perhaps we should start with our three-dimensional universe first.
According to this theory our universe started floating as a membrane or what in physics is called “the brane” (a physical object that generalizes the notion of a point particle to higher dimensions) in a four-dimensional “monster universe”. The previous “monster universe” likely had four-dimensional stars, too. Those stars probably went through the same life cycles as the present three-dimensional ones do. The large ones exploded as supernovae, blasted their outer layers into 4-D space and had the innermost parts collapse into a black hole. The analogy is that the 4-D black hole had an “event horizon” just like the 3-D ones have today. I am using the term for the phenomenon we are able to observe in the present universe in our time.

3D projection of a tesseract in four dimensional space
Source:Wikipedia – 3D projection of a tesseract undergoing a simple rotation in four dimensional space

Let’s think about the event horizon for the moment. In cosmology it is the boundary between the inside and the outside part of a black hole. Although many famous scientists speculate on what happens in and around the black hole science basically has no proof these predictions are correct. No black hole has ever been observed! Mostly because black holes emit no light nor can light escape its infinite gravity. This discovery was made when observing distant stars and their extreme orbits. This is how we know they exist!?

Source: Universe today – Black Hole Artwork

In the universe we live (3-D universe) the event horizon appears as a two-dimensional surface. In a 4-D universe, the event horizon must be a 3-D object called a hypersphere or n-sphere. To keep it simple, if there is such a thing when one is hypothesizing about black holes, this model proposes that when the 4-D star blows apart, the leftover material would create a 3-D brane surrounding a 3-D event horizon, and then expand. And yes, the universe is indeed expanding!
The most accepted idea to explain this phenomenon was the mysterious dark energy. However, this new theory proposes this is due to the expansion of 3-D brane growth!?

“This study could help to show how inflation is triggered by the motion of the universe through a higher-dimensional reality,” the researchers stated.
My question is how hard is it for a “Type 0 civilization”, as we most definitely are, to cope with phenomenons such as multidimensional universes?
The Sun will be long gone when matter that currently resides in our bodies gets sucked into the black hole. We are fairly sure that one already resides in the middle of our galaxy.
Can we escape the inevitable and the next 2-D universe which is coming after ours? Does the mouse understand the world around the cage or just the wheel he runs in?

For those who like to dive into cosmology and ultimately the theory of everything i suggest to start with this video:


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