European Toll Is Too Damn High

If Europe had someone like Jimmy McMillan this is what he would say if asked about European toll and road taxes in general. They are too damn high!

Indeed if one decides to take a car to almost anywhere except Germany and maybe one or two member states the first thing they would notice is that tolls are outrageous! In places like Italy you’re looking at 10 euro cent per kilometer! This is ridiculous! Maybe this is the reason why no one uses the highway anymore? Only Richie Rich driving the latest Audis, BMWs and other Richy Rich cars on the way to Parma?
In France, for example, if you want to drive from one side to another that will cost you an impressive 100 Euros. I repeat this is just for the toll. So, about the same as in Italy!

Other states like Slovenia or Hungary use another scam to legally nab drivers who decide to use its roads. It is called the vignette and you pay it at the border with a fixed rate of 15 Euros (13 in Hungary). This peace of paper is valid for 7 days in Slovenia and you can not buy it for a day or ten days but in Hungary it is valid for 10 days?! In case you decide to drive through again and you stayed 8 days in case of Slovenia you will need to pay once more. This may not seem much compared to France or Italy but this tiny state (Slovenia) does not even have a highway longer that 100 and some kilometres (60 miles). Don’t you think this is insane?

However the absolute worst, when it comes for road taxes, is Austria! Austria has compulsory vignette which is 8,5 Euros for ten days, and of course you can’t buy it for just one day or five. Ones you purchased your vignette you still will be charged toll on their “special roads or tunnels”? This is not a joke! Special roads are apparently private so no matter do you have a vignette or not they still charge another 8,5 Euros for less than 30 km of speed limited highway south of Innsbruck!
Someone should make a petition and hire a law expert to file a lawsuit against the state! It is very likely that this is not legal! It is like double jeopardy? I strongly recommend to look around for alternative roads in case you want save and see beautiful scenery of the Austrian Alps .

Another thing is the fuel price. One liter of this precious liquid in Italy will cost you 1.7 Euros for gasoline and 1.6 Euros for Diesel. All of these outrageous prices are justified by European governments as a cost for a clean air. They decided to basically steal money from the average people, from companies, from you and me. In the same time airliners fly for insanely small prices and pollute the air almost exacly the same amount per passinger as a car. This is discrimination of drivers may be the main reason why everything is more expensive here than on the other side of the pond as you can’t really fly everything?

It is easy to say that the European Union is the closest match to the USA. Another union, basically the same civilization level and yet if one want to drive a car from one coast to another, lets say from New York City to Los Angeles the total amount one will pay is about 15 to 20 Euros at the most. This price is for about 4000 kilometres! This same distance in Europe will likely cost you just little less than 400 Euros! And don’t get me start with the fuel prices again! Just to say for 1.7 Euros in some states of US you can buy almost 5 liters of gasoline!

Back to the former candidate for NYC mayor Mr. McMillan whos campaign was based on outrageous rent prices in NYC using the slogan “The rent is too damn high”. In Europe price you pay to drive is too damn high and that’s a fact!


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