The Absolute Worst and Most Expensive Highway Tolls In Europe

In one of my previous posts I wrote about the outrageous toll prices in Europe. This time I want to extend the first one and comment on a few more countries in which their governments deserves the Darwin award for naming those roads highways and charging tolls for the passage. I just got back from another road trip in Europe. This time my friends and I covered Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. The trip was great! The best parts were visiting thermal baths in Budapest and enjoying places such as Cracow or Zakopane in Poland. However, this article is not about that, it is about the roads in Europe for which you have to pay toll.

Let’s start with Poland. This huge country of almost 40 million inhabitants does not really have very many highways. However, the brand new one which goes from the border of the Czech Republic to Rzeszow is the most expensive highway ever build in Europe. And it is one of the greatest I’ve ever driven on. The speed limit is 140 kmph and it is smooth as an airstrip. You can probably drive as fast as you want. Currently you don’t pay a dime for it because it is not fully finished and apparently Polish law forbid tolls if it not yet completed!

Slovakia is also not very bad when it comes to tolls. You pay 10 EUR for 10 days for using their highway system and their roads are pretty good. However, the Czech Republic is the other story. The stretch of their highway from Olomouc to the Slovakia border is terrible. The speed limit of 130 kmph is OK only if you drive a tank which does not require tarmac. In any other case you will find yourself driving on terrible bumpy road destroying your shock absorbers and suspension in general. The road tax of about 11 EUR is obviously used to pay the workers which you will see working on every 10 to 20 km. (Update May 2016 17 Eur is vignette in Czech Republic and highway from Brno to Prague is the absolute worst!

Crossing the border from Slovakia to Hungary reveals another 20 km of not finished highway and once you reach the highway which connects Budapest and Vienna road is nice and smooth which I have to say is very nice to drive on.

The absolute worst on this entire trip was Serbia. Serbia is not a part of the Union yet and they don’t have road vignette so you are paying as you go. Meaning that the stretch from Hungarian border to the capital (Belgrade) cost about 5 EUR and it is the most terrible of all. I have witnessed the past 30 years of Serbian government trying to build this road. In very similar fashion to other Balkan countries Serbia charges you for driving the unfinished roads and due to severe corruption, lack of proper legislation and other financial problems the highway system is probably one the worst in Europe. Bumps, 19th century resting areas and mad drivers makes your driving experience way to dramatic and possibly dangerous. If you find yourself driving to let say Greece the other way which leads through Romania and Bulgaria, although not yet fully finished is likely to be the best option.

List Of The Absolute Worst and Most Expensive Highway Systems In Europe

So this brings me back to the list of absolute worst and most expensive highway road systems in Europe. Note that I have yet covered all the countries so this list includes only the countries I have recently driven on.

15. Germany (Soon to adopt road taxes. When this happens they will be placed just below France.)
14. Poland
13. Romania
12. Bulgaria
11. France
10. Slovakia
9. Hungary
8. Austria
7. Italy
6. Croatia
5. Slovenia (Czech Republic)
4. Greece
3. Serbia
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
1. Montenegro
The winner of Darwin award goes to Montenegro which sometimes charges the road tax for 0 km of highway system. Not so sure the Darwin award can be issued to the country in this case I have no other means to compare the ridiculousness of the whole thing so be it.

Bon voyage!