Lake Ledinci – Novi Sad – Serbia

Lake Ledinci is a submerged quarry near the village of Stari Ledinci on the mountain of Fruška Gora, near Novi Sad, in the Republic of Serbia.

The lake was created during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, when pumps which are still damaged were stroked and pumping the water out of the quarry stopped. The quarry began to fill with the help of subterranean waters and two nearby creeks, Lukin Svetac and Srebrni potok. Then an abandoned trachyte quarry of Srebro was re-activated during the privatization process of 2000s. Officially the lake is closed and the quarry in hands of Austrian company Alas with plans of revitalization. It is fairly unknown will they continue to mine the remaining 5 million cubic tons of stone, useful for road building, fill the quarry up and reforest the area or the lake will be preserved. The rights on the lake were under a multilateral dispute by the local community, City of Novi Sad, the mining company and the public company guiding the National park of Fruška gora. These photos are from 2015 and the remaining water and the lake itself is stunning. Reservoir in Ledinci with a good plan, proper dam and some TLC could transform the area into a great place for leisure, tourism and source of drinking water. Will that happen? Likely not!

Lake Ledinci 2015

Lake Ledinci 2015

The lake when it is not empty looks like this.

Ledinacko jezero