Belgrade – Novi Sad – Alternative Danube bike route

Another great ride in Serbia. This is an alternative bike route from Belgrade (Pupin bridge in Zemun) to Novi Sad. Total length is approximately 100 km (60 miles) and follows the left embankment on the Danube river.

I recommend to follow the map below and split your ride to two days. It is important to know, in case you need to re-supply a general store is open 0800 to 2100 in Centa about 40 km (25 miles) away from the bridge. Centa is to the right about 3 km (2 miles) away from the lock which you will use to cross the Karas canal. Continue to Novi Sad to the left after the lock. Today, the old lock is in bad shape, but keep in mind that Karas canal used to be in fact, river Tamis. As you continue to Novi Sad check that forest to your left, Karas canal used to be a part of a tiny delta of Tamis. Today the mouth of the river is in Pancevo! That is the power of the human endeavor.

Good place to stay over the night is Titel. Use the bridge to cross the river Tisa and go left to stay on the right embankment back to Danube river. Hotel is old and offers nothing but it is cheap and shower is always a great asset. Another option is to camp in the area.

Once you are in Novi Sad take a train back to Belgrade or follow the official trail and ride back.

Alternative bike route Novi Sad Belgrade