Igor Sestanj is a information technology specialist who likes to travel (read sail) and dreams of building a space craft. Currently involved with Advanced Data Recovery Analytics as a project manager. Recently self-published a paper NAND Flash Data Recovery Cookbook (PDF).

Igor also blogs about science, technology, sailing, history, art and outdoors. He has lived in many different places in the northern hemisphere and yet he prefers being on a sailboat. You can hear him saying: “I’d like to see myself living in different spots all over world but always stay on the water. I’d like to navigate around the globe, visit Antarctica and Alaska, sail around the tip of South America (Cape Horn) and climb a steep mountain.

igor sestanj - adreca video shooting
From ADRECA video

He is also convinced he is of a generation that will easily live over a hundred and that he might just step on some other celestial body other than Earth. He is a supporter of Wikipedia, space exploration, B612 Foundation, asteroid mining, CERN, Space X, Skylon, 3D printing, Arduino, and other forward thinking ideas and enterprises.

Several years ago he discovered St. Augustine’s quote in a history book and it was a perfect fit for his tagline. Sometimes he gets frustrated and blog about politics or stupidity. So far, he was lucky enough to enjoy sailing on The Great Lakes, Navigate the Erie Canal and Hudson River; after Sandy Superstorm to countinue south following the Intracoastal Waterway to Florida Keys. Current plans involve sailing the Carribeans and the ARC 20xx.

He also had few recordings done while playing percussions with friends. These recordings eventually turned into Nadri music concept?!

Anyway, these are his stories…

Thanks for reading.

3 Replies to “About”

  1. Read your notes about your travel down the ICW and was struck by the fact that it took as long to go from Fernandino Beach to Miami as it took to travel from Norfolk to Fernandino. I’m planning to take that trip this fall but I”m hoping it doesn’t take that long to pass through Florida

    1. I put ‘cruising days’ from our ship log. I considered only days we spent moving. However, you may hear people took other way along the ocean side and made it from Norfolk as fast as a week!? With no break…For us, it was cold all the way to Florida. Once we were there it was more relaxed and therefore took more time. Thanks for reading and have a great time cruising the ICW.

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